Tierra Vegetables is committed to producing food and fiber products of the highest quality through sustainable farming practices.

At the Tierra Vegetables Farm Stand, located inside the Big White Barn on our farm, we sell only what is grown and produced on our farmland - locally grown and locally produced means you can be assured of fruits and vegetables that are freshly picked, flavorful and nutritious, and of the highest quality possible.

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Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Is This Farm and CSA Right for You?

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At Tierra Vegetables, everything we sell is harvested right here at our farm. We offer CSA subscriptions which provide you with a weekly box of fresh and delicious, sustainably-grown produce available for pick up at the farm or at one of our drop-off locations. Come on in and pick up your CSA box, shop at the Farm Stand and while you're here, take a walk in the field and see where your food is being grown.

News and Events

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Tierra Farm Tortilla-Making Workshop

Sunday June 30th, 2019 - 11 am to 2 pm

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Join us for a hands-on demonstration of traditional Mexican tortilla making, taught by Lolita Casazza, native aficionado on the history and culture of corn and tortillas of Meso-America. Included are a farm tour of Tierra Vegetables and a pound of our sustainable, heirloom, non-GMO masa!

The art of tortilla making (and other corn-based foods) has been an integral part of Meso-American culture for thousands of years. Unfortunately, due to modernization of food production, the traditional way is at risk of being lost. Our goal with this workshop is to help keep the important tradition alive to be passed down to the next generation.

We will start the class with a tour of the farm. Afterword, there will be a discussion led by Lolita, who will discuss the history and tradition of tortilla making. Helping to instruct the hands-on portion of the workshop will be Norma, Queta and Mari, Master Tortilla Makers of Tierra.

Spanish-speaking participants are encouraged, the class is bilingual. Participants from the Latino community are strongly encouraged to attend, however all are welcome!

Price is $20 general admission, $10 for kids up to age 15, and young children are free. Purchase tickets at the Tierra Farm Stand, or through the event on Facebook: Tortilla Making 101.

Save the Farm - News and Information

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Since 2002, Tierra Vegetables has been leasing the land that we farm on Airport Boulevard from the Sonoma County Open Space District as part of their greenbelt plan.

At this time, the county requires us to purchase the property that we currently farm.

Tierra Vegetables is seeking to fund this purchase by 2017. The county and the farmers still need to negotiate an easement agreement that will determined the use and final price of the land.

Since arriving at this location in 2002, an array of investments and upgrades have been applied to this location including soil maintenance and biodiversity, the acquisition and restoration of the historic Big White Barn, as well as the establishment of a locally-owned, farm-based business.

Tierra Vegetables welcomes assistance from interested community members. Please support us in our effort to maintain this diverse piece of farmland.