WE Tierra Shetlands and Wool Products

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WE Tierra - Named for Walt and Esther James' land - parents of Farmers Lee and Wayne James.

Shetland sheep have been growing wool since the time of the Vikings but our Shetlands have been growing for us only since 1988. However that date gives WE Tierra the distinction of being the 2nd oldest flock in the country. The first importation from the Shetland Isles was to Canada, from there to the Doans in Vermont, and from there to us, it has been a wonderful trip for many reasons.


Tierra Shetlands are intelligent, affectionate, small and easy to handle, look so beautiful out on the pasture AND give us excellent quality wool in shades of white, gray, black and brown. Using natural and vegetable resources including lichen, onion and shallot skins Lee often dyes some of the skeins to create unique colors.

Up until 2005, most of the sheep lived on the James' ranch near Salem, Oregon, with a fluctuating population of around 60. Lee James of Tierra Vegetables also has a small flock in Healdsburg, California.

The elders James' relocated to Sonoma County. Most of their sheep were sold to neighbors but many live with Lee James of Tierra Vegetables in Healdsburg, California. who is carrying on the family legacy.

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Spinners, Weavers and Knitters

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Hand spinners find the top sliver, soft and easily spun. Spin and knit yourself a sweater and you will have an heirloom. For those who are just as happy to have someone else take the time to spin the wool into yarn, WE Tierra has skeins of yarn for knitting and weaving. Then, for those who think they cannot weave, WE Tierra has friends who are superb artists; one who makes gorgeous throws, scarves and sometimes ponchos. The ultimate production was a small lot of bed blankets. At the Saturday CUESA Farmer's Market in San Francisco, Lee is happy to show these products and share information. Occasionally, products are also available at Tierra Farm Stand.

Keep an eye out for upcoming farm events which include sheep-shearing demonstrations, meet and greet with the WE Tierra Shetlands, and Wool Felt-Dryer-Ball making. Great for kids, wool wearers, knitters and animal lovers.

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