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Event Cooking

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Preserving the Harvest

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Bottling Sauces

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Large Batch Cooking

When you visit the farm stand at Tierra Vegetables, one of the wonderful discoveries you will make is that not only is there fresh produce available, there is also a freezer stock full of items such as fire-roasted tomatoes, seasonal soups, frozen strawberries and strawberry puree, Mole, Enchilada sauce, Hominy, and chile paste. Also available in the refrigerator are products such as sauerkraut, Kimchi, pickles, salsa, handmade tortillas and masa. Dried and preserved products available can include chile jam, hot sauce, chile oil, dried chile, chile powder or salt, cornmeal, hominy, nixtamal for masa, and dried bean flour. The products vary throughout the year based on what is grown on the farm from season to season and what new and enticing recipes are coming out of Tierra Kitchen.

The folks at the farm have been practicing the tradition of food preservation performed for generations by farmers and families alike, bringing in the bounty of the harvest and preserving it through canning, freezing, drying and other forms of processing, thereby increasing the ability to consume and enjoy produce grown at the farm throughout the year. The benefits of this practice are many – peak freshness of the seasonal crop is preserved at its highest point of flavor and nutrition; the harvest can be enjoyed many months later in a variety of forms; there is little or no food waste from a bountiful crop!

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Kitchen Rental Information

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In keeping with the beliefs and practices of Tierra Vegetables Farm, the Tierra Kitchen is available to rent in order to encourage and support other farmers, caterers and individuals who would like to extend their own harvested products through preparation, preservation and/or processing. The kitchen is 3,200 square feet and is equipped with a variety of appliances for general as well as specialized use:

  • 4 ovens with burners
  • 1 double stand-up convection oven
  • Prep tables
  • Walk-in refrigerator and freezer
  • 3-compartment dish station with sanitizing washing machine
  • Hand-washing station
  • Steel blade corn/grain grinder
  • 2 large chopping machines (food processors)
  • Tumbler roaster for chiles
  • Molino (masa/mole stone grinder)
  • Antique bottling machine
  • Steam jacket kettle (50 gallons)

Tierra Kitchen is located at 399 Business Park Court #312 Windsor, CA 95492
For more information please contact Julia or Johnny at 707-837-8366

We use Google Calendar to organize all kitchen usage. Once you sign up, you will be given access to Google Calendar to reserve space.
Below you will find a list of some of the required forms and licensing in order to use the kitchen facilities.

  • Certificate of Insurance (w/Tierra Vegetables as add'l insured)
  • Health Department permit
  • County Health Commissary agreement
  • Signed commercial kitchen rental agreement with Tierra Vegetables, Inc.
  • Food handler certificate
  • Fictitious Business Name statement
  • CA State Board of Equilization Sellers Permit
  • Copy of Business Registration